Sunday, November 25, 2007

How To Show Hidden Files Using Command Line

You may need this skill to detect hidden viruses in your pen.
For Example lets see how to delete worm/small.2.f (MicrosoftPowerPoint.exe)
1) click Start menu -> run -> type cmd
2) A command Line will be opened.
3) goto your USB drive, type I: (ex: H: or I:)
4) prompt will be changed to you USB driver letter I:\>
5) type dir /a:h and press enter
6) if you see MicrosoftPowerPoint.exe the virus is in your pen drive.
7) delete it by typing del MicrosoftPowerPoint.exe /a:r and press enter.

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  1. hi
    i read your article and it help me to see the hidden files in my pen drive.
    but how do i copy them using command prompt or enable them to be viewed.

    my e-mail address is

  2. good information.
    successfully deleted autorun.inf from my pen drive. Thanks!

  3. You can also unhide the files from command prompt using attrib command.