Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 1 - What and why?

All my life I spend time thinking about the ultimate question, "what is, Why?"
As I don't believe in a Almighty God (I'm a Buddhist) so I rule out the Creation theory. I believe in a theory where every action has a reaction no matter it's good or bad(basic teachings of Buddhism). I also believe you can change your life as you like no matter who you are, it's a matter of hard work and little natural luck :)

Love - I don't believe in Love, I feel that it's all about GREED where each other is afraid to let go each other because they feel that he/she will not find another person like there current partner.(Which is truly wrong).

Love cannot be a expressed by only one word. It's a collection of NEEDS that needs to be satisfied by his/her partner. These NEEDS can be really diffrent from one to another and they are truly unique for that person.

I'm 23 in December, I have lot to learn about life, this is the Day 1, I will update this blog as I get free time.

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