Thursday, August 9, 2007

MntDrCore.exe - A worm (Detected)

AVG now detect and remove MntDrCore.exe before it infect your computer :)
AVG is a powerful anti virus program that has a free personal version.

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  1. My computer was also infected by that virus.

    AVG antivirus (free edition)is good but nor good inough. You better use a trusted virus scan like kaspersky antivirus or NOD32. AVG anti virus is vulnerable for new viruses because the proactive protection is week in AVG antivirus. I recommend kaspersky antivirus(The best antivirus product in 2007 by PC World magazine)visit to get the crack file of the software

  2. Today I realased :( that over a mounth my Pc was goind strainge and my portable devices too...

    I just send the iass.exe, mntdrcore.exe to
    and told me that some anti-engines find them infected!!!

    I dont get it why my Nod32 is still nowdays dont recognize this worm?

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