Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sri Lanka Telecom(SLT) ADSL

ADSL made significant changes to my life and way I think about the future.
Internet is a vast ocean of knowledge and opportunities. SLTnet ADSL is a great gateway or a ship to surf in that ocean :-)
In my opinion SLT is the leading ISP in Sri Lanka.
Although SLT ADSL promises good speed, I find it bit slow. But comparing to other packages in the market, SLT ADSL is the best deal out there for normal users.
In my knowledge there are two ADSL packages for normal users.

1)Rs.1000 Package with
512Kbps down load and 128Kbps Up load
Monthly Rental Rs.1000.00
Monthly download limit 1Gigabyte
Additional 250MB costs Rs.250.00

2)Rs.2,250 Package with
Unlimited Surfing (24Hours)
Upto 512 kbps(Down)/Upto 128 kbps(Up)
Only Rs.2250 per month

I recommend the second option with unlimited surfing for only Rs.2250 per month.

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  1. Downloading 512kbps rite

    goto and check the speed
    its about 100kbps.

    this is the most crappy adsl package ever

  2. yes my friend I know how you feel, The funny part is that we never go into small details, SLT says that they are giving UPTO 512kbps not 512kbps always. :-)

  3. Kusal works for slt.
    You should try to give what you promised. In this field still no competition. See what takes on mobiles soon same will take place over here.

  4. lol, I do not work for SLT.

    I just want to tell how greatful I'm to have ADSL by SLT. without them I will not have internet even now, internet changed my life completely and I thank SLT for that.

  5. hey... dont u think that 2250 is too much ?
    in other countries its not like that compared to how much they earn. Bun in order to make ADSL popular among the ppl they should provide it for lesser price. i use the 1GB package. its not enough at all. In other countries they have packages like 7GB, 40GB etc.

    SLT can earn so much as they r having a nice infrastructure. It is very hard for other competitors to come in to the market since they cant invest such a large amount.

    No 1 knows when will a competitor will come. Unless Gov put their hand in and make it cheep as a social service SLT will swim on money,,,,,

    (still dont think we have that intelligent gov workers to do