Friday, October 12, 2007

My View On Sirasa Super Star

Sirasa Super Star is a reality show which is searching for new musical talent in Sri Lanka.(Similar to a Idol program).
Sirasa Super Star Season1 was ended in a grand fashion making the first the Sirasa Super Star.
Sirasa Super Star Season2 is now currently under way. much like season1, Season2 also has very talented singers in the final round, everyone of them is equally good.
Here is how I feel about Sirasa Super Star personally,

Good side of Sirasa Super Star:
It's a great opportunity to new singers to show their talent and build a image.

Bad side of Sirasa Super Star:
Some new singers get really famous in a short time of period that they tend do forget the past, that is not good for their future.

Other issues of Sirasa Super Star:
New singers get famous by singing other peoples songs, But the original singer does not get any credit for that.

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