Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dialog Broadband - A powerful competitor for SLT ADSL

Dialog Sri Lanka recently announced there Broadband Internet packages for customers.
Dialog Broadband will be a powerful competitor for SLT ADSL, even though dialog packages are bit expensive compared to SLT, Dialog Broadband promises very good speeds. They got 3 packages and the best package for home users is the Speed 1 package containing:

Specification Speed 1
Downloads 1 Mbps
Uploads 256 kbps
Mailboxes 2
Connection Fee : Rs. 5,000
Monthly Rental : Rs. 4,000
Minimum Contract Period : 6 months

Check other packages : Dialog Broadband
Or visit :

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  1. I have dialog internet it is shit
    they are blocking bittorent..
    after the F@@king contrac period i will take SLT the BEST

    i used SLT no blocking an very fast at night and very cheap

    e-mail ---

  2. Better to take LankaBell Braodband
    That is best and cheapest nowa days.

    I love that .

  3. Hello,

    Is Lankabell's broadband services good in speed ?

    And what are their charges ? Do they require contracts ?

    Thank you

  4. Hi ibuy,

    I think they have a 1 year contract period.

  5. do not go for dialog HSPA modem too, it sucks ! it has this fup stuff. when it is active i can not use it at all. download rate is almost less than 8 kbps

  6. SLT Broadband Connection is a JOKE , recently they said they been very happy to achieve the duel goals of improving the braodband speed and performance with in reality is the opposite now its worse than before