Thursday, February 19, 2009

SLT ADSL - SLT has lowered ADSL Prices (Super LOW)

This is great news for internet surfers, ADSL has lowered their ADSL rates.
For now no one can compete with these prices. Your prime choice should be SLT.
Home package is now Rs. 1600/= earlier it was Rs. 2250/=
1000 package is now Rs. 500/=
They have also introduced new ADSL plans also.

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  1. Why reduce prices,
    SLT should have increased speeds, removing the hassle of transfering packeges.
    A speed increase for the home package from 512kbps to 1mbps should have been awesome.
    Increase in speed means that people think SLT has good value for money. Many people i know would have used SLT instead of Bell or Dialog it if it increases speeds instead of cutting down prices.
    Remember in Sri Lanka Broad Band is not so Broad.(Speeds ae very slow especially SLT)