Friday, March 13, 2009

The best alternative to Google AdSense

AdBrite is the best alternative or replacement for Google AdSense. It has some unique features that adsense does not have.
1) Inline ads
2) Full page ads
3) BritePic

Inline ads and full page ads are good earners for the publisher. Specially inline ads monetize well with site text content.
AdBrite inline ads example 1

AdBrite inline ads example 2

Another unique feature is the BritePic program where your images will show Adbrite ads. not only that Adbrite will add more features to your images, for example zoom feature.

Britepic example 1

Britepic example 2

AdBrite accept blogs so if you have a blog and looking to earn some money from it, try Adbrite. Paid only by cheque, you can set your own minimum payout. Very good statistics of your earnings, impressions and clicks. They also give recommendations on how to improve your site for better earnings.

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