Thursday, April 9, 2009

What some people think about Sinhala Unicode

Recently I had a chat with a person who runs a bit popular website in Sri Lanka (Related to music). Some part of his site had some special characters, usually you see them because the relevant font is not installed in my computer. I asked him why he's not using Sinhala Unicode. He gave these two reasons.

1) Most people do not have Sinhala Unicode installed, most of them have some popular Sinhala font, So changing to Unicode will cost me valuable traffic.

I said installing Sinhala Unicode is pretty easy. Then he gave me the second reason.

2) Installing Unicode is too technical for most people even though you could do it easily. For example you need service pack 2 to install Sinhala Unicode but some have service pack 1 and 3, He also added that most of the time Installing first time does not work, you need to try more than once.

I don't know how true these points are, I find it pretty easy to install the Sinhala Unicode. However I feel that Microsoft need to preinstall Sinhala Unicode into the systems in the future version so there will be no issue in the future.

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