Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who will win the Sri Lankan Presidential Election 2010?

It could be current president Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa or General Sarath Fonseka. I feel both sides have strong public support.

What we first need to understand is how a politicians mind work and how idiotic the common people are to swallow each lie they tell us.
I like to give you some famous quotes about politicians.

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.
--Nikita Khrushchev
In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.
--Charles de Gaulle
A professional politician is a professionally dishonorable man. In order to get anywhere near high office he has to make so many compromises and submit to so many humiliations that he becomes indistinguishable from a streetwalker. -- H.L. Mencken
Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.
My personal favorite:
Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. -- Douglas Adams

90% of the politicians efforts goes to their own personal gains, So why the hell we need to give our vote to make a politician rich? When the whole country sacrificed (Some everything) all political leaders try to make it as their own victory to build a public image.

Eventhough this is the reality of Sri Lankan politics we must also embrace our voting right for the sake of democracy in Sri Lanka.

Edited: 2010/01/26 9:50AM

I voted for SF

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  1. Mahinda rajapaksa is a democratic visionary leader for a better future of Sri Lanka. He will win with land slide victory.

    We all patriotic sri lankans must vote for Mahin Rajapaksa

  2. @නිශාන්ත අනුරුද්ධ - I completely agree with you, In the end we are the ones who will loose

  3. I strongly support SF because current leader has been legendary corruptive.

  4. if people want corruptions to govern the country, vote for MR and company, all others can use their golden vote for SF.

    - ask what happeened to the collossal sums of monies got donated for the sake of tsunami
    - ask the question why MR can allocate 500 Mio Rs for his own son´s project why not to attempt in pay hikes for the poorest of the poor who struggle to keep their head above the water when it goes with living
    - ask why MR does not speak any word about any corruptive politicians in his team
    - War winning is a collective task, now the most important problem is to win corruption free society for the development of the country.

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    And you et an account on Twitter?

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  7. MR government has no embarrasement in asking for bribes for brother Basil, This is common. I went to do a BOI project and was asked 1 million Rupees for BR. and 1/2 mill to some minister called Maitripala someone. If this government doesnt change this is the end of this country. Say good bye and no oneelse to blame than the silly people.

  8. The majority of Sri Lankans forget the past instantly, had the war been ended we would still be living in a fear. The word corruption is not new to Sri Lankan politics and it is always there however the pace of the growth rate has been staggering and this all happened whilst carrying out a deadly war, to me that's an achievement and the credit goes to the incumbent president MR and he should win the election and continue with next chapter.

  9. as one has mentioned earlier, we all sri lankans forget easily our past. its true SF was the person who handled the war and he should get all the credit on it, but if MR was not there his dedication and commitment was not there SF would not be able to make the war ended.

  10. i think SF is our best choice for the next president.this is the one and only moment to turn back country from the wrong track and so i think all sri lankans must vote SF for A BRIGHTER FUTURE.

  11. I think Sarath Fonseka is the man for the job. He will do the work to bring the properity to the country

  12. We all Sri Lankans should vote SF to develop our country.

  13. SF victory!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Both are there for their own benefit.. Dont vote for any of them...

  15. Badulla People Completly Support to Our Great Captan SF

  16. vote Mahinda to pay your gratitude!!!!

  17. Can't you remember the days we were fear of terrorism? Can't you remember we were fear of bombs? you should remember.
    why Premadasa, chandrika couldn't finish the terorisum? its because they didnt want, not that they had good army commander.
    why Mahinda could do it?
    just think because he was honest to the nation.

  18. SF has a genuine problem with his boss(GR) as we all have problems with our boss at work. How he has gone about to take revenge from it is bit weird. From the word go he started attacking the R family from left to right showing anger, agression and indecency which people would not want to see from a presidential candidate who is NEW to the job. We cannot blame him because thoes were the characteristics that brought him to this position of 'General' over the last 40 years.

    On the other hand MR does not show these bad behaviours. With no doubt he has the best qualities of a Sri Lankan leader in our time. He proved it by showing the world after defeating the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world. The leaders of the west were stunned and showed him no respect as they were jealous and angry since he was not ready to play to the tunes of them like some of our past leaders did.

    SF might have a genuine interest to develop the country as MR does. But, the way he approached it has created serious doubts on peoples' minds as he does not seem to much to offer after he becomes the president other than punishing the people who dislikes him.

    All in all this election has become the most crutial election in the history of Sri Lanka as the people are forced to think hard before selecting their voting candidate.

    My vote goes to MR as he has a clear vision. My vote may go to SF if he propose a plan to develop this country and its people in the coming couple of weeks.

    My sincere advice for the people who decides to vote SF is to think twice to see that you are not taking ONLY the corruption charges against MR to consideration as corruption charges are equally being shared by both parties though they were not legally proved.

  19. I totally agree with Don's comment.

  20. I feel Mahinda is trying to build a family regime by placing all his relatives in all higher position which I dont feel correct. Besides I have heard he does not respect his colleagues.

    I hate such people .. Further more he doesnt have a good face to place on the wall like J R Jayawardana and other before him who had some personality where we can be proud of

  21. Without a Captain no team likewise without a General no WAR Victory.

    Mahinda rajapaksa always talks about war and gain credit from the people but thats not correct the real winners are our military forces.The forces and people know who was real weapon during the war .

    Think!! What our forces done to us .They lost their legs us to walk , they lost their eyes us to see ,they left their family us to be happy with our family , and they gave their valuable lifes us to live. Think a second the way they protected us.

    As a srilankan we are Smart and well knowledged .I know whose the real hero and you also knew that.




  22. This results does not stands for all Sri Lankans, everybody’s consent does not show in this results. Many people don’t get to vote here as everyone doesn’t have IT facility to vote. So this is not a true results. If all the all SRI LANKAN gets to vote here then it will be the other way. The whole world can see it on the 27th Jan 2010 that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha wins with a majority. We true SRI LANKANS are with him AND THE LORD WHO BLESSED him to go through all these and GAVE VICTORY OVER LTTE, will bless Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha to win the election 2010 too. All wait and see. May God bless him always.

  23. SF could not protect himself from the attack of a terrorist. He was not intelligent enough to know that his cook was an informant of the terrorists. How can he protect a nation if he had no intelligence to sense that danger was around him?

  24. its time for gud change guyz

  25. It is not an argument that who will win. The point of discussion should be who should win. As I see in some comments, SF cannot take criticism or compromise in a situation. He does not have training for it. Some people talking of his honesty and integrity know nothing about his personal self. We know of this man only a few months, when Rajapaksa has been wetted for 40years. We all know what Rajapaksa is, in and out. But going by the entourage of people supporting SF we can understand a lot more. Ranil Wickramasinghe is a looser of Thoppigala fame that did not have courage to congratulate the president in good faith when the war was over. Most people have forgotten the fear psychosis of LTTE days. SF who is boasting at stage and running around freely does not realize that all this was possible because of freedoms we have achieved. SF’s son of a gun and his actual conduct in the army yet to be understood. His previous commanders did not confer on SF many decorations due his own crude behavior. SFs true self is still emerging, and people should be careful in giving him a mandate at this time. If he is around and we can better understand SF may be able to stand for the next presidential election.

  26. I totally agree with Vaniasingham's comment.

  27. A change is always good tho people sometime fear it. Every one has made mistakes in the past, but we shouldnt be living it. Remember that we do have control over the future....

    One would only realise he's mistakes only if he is made to realise them !! That will only be Possibe BY A CHAGE or A BRAKE !!

    (MR) follows the code " Charity Begins at Home". So he does charity to his own family. Not a Bad idea.But the problem here is, he does charity with 'public money'. Not to mention the numbers in this family are too big to make them all FAT.

    Anything is Possibe, An oppertunity is What it takes. Let us give this oppertunity to SF to make a better Sri Lanka.

  28. Hay W T F? If u all wana have an argumnt wasnt there any topic rather dan BULLSHIT politics.Its a goddamn crap......Just wait for afew days n c yaelf who will win........Dat it...

  29. SF is the best for the job

  30. Point No 01) 30 years of war has been eradicated within 3 years + can any one tell me whether it is possible to develop a country within a year ?

    Point No 02) why the hell Mahind is encouraging people like Mervyn (Thuggish),Basil (corruption) and Maithripala Sirisena (Rice Mafia) to exsist in his cabinet can he correct this ? if he can make a statement just a day before 26th a 50% vote base will turn in his favour.

    Basically because of these reasons I vote for the common candidate But I feel sorry about Mr Rajapaksha who is a great leader and a person who had a strong spine against the Americans and the Europeans.

  31. the truth is , the voters are the biggest losers no matter who wins. who ever comes to power sri lanka will always be the same. politicains fill their wallets at our cost.
    the most foolish people are the ones who talk politics and who argue and fight with their friends and families for the sake of politicians.
    there is not a single honest politician in this country.
    so stop talking politics and waste time.

  32. This question is for the person who wrote about MR's corrupted cabinet.

    You are now worried about couple of cabinet members in the president's cabinet. What makes you think that SF will not have a cabinet with corruption, thuggery etc.?

    Do you know that SF has been brought to this election by the group of western countries; who were vehemently against the conduct of the war; by giving him so much money that he could forget what he has been enjoying with his job in the SL govt.?

    One of the main reasons why we were able to defeat the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world is simply because of the mutual understanding and the strong bond created among the top members of that team. The western countries know this as a fact and they could'nt wait until they can catch one of the top members into their net so that not only there will be no more team efforts but also the general public will start loosing the confidence of this top team. This is exactly what is happening in SL. Please think about it seriously and try to understand the consequences of it. Many people today do not try to understand what is going on. Instead they go by what is on the media and what every Tim and Tom says on the stage.

    I hope the educated crowed will come in to the scene sooner rather than later to make our public understand what is happening behind the screens.

  33. I don't think talking politics is a waste of time, if you do it wisely. If you just talk what others are telling it will definitely be boring.

    If you critically analyse what these politicians are saying you can understand certain things that will make us cast our vote to the right person/party. Also, when you argue with somebody on politics always remember to talk good and bad about everybody/party. That way you can clearly understand what others are saying and also as people will start listening to you they will least bother to fight with you.

  34. If this government doesnt change this is the end of this country. Say good bye and no oneelse to blame than the silly people.

    SF should win.....

  35. all those who strongly believe Sri Lanka is a poor third world country
    and we should remain the same..... vote for MR....

    those who think we are civilized & ready for change and development

  36. Can we take the risk by putting SF to president ship in our country?

    Think twice before vote SF. We don't know anything about his vision as a politician.

    It is true he won the war by using his military tactics, because it was his duty.

    In other hand some people blame MR for his corruptions without reliable proofs. However MR still managed to open a building or a fly over (latest Gampaha) with all these so called corruptions and global crisis around.

    So, I said again think twice before vote for SF!

  37. There is no doubt...
    Mahinda Rajapaksha has da majority of Srilankans.. He is our savior..He iZ our Leader...

    We need him as our next president.....

    Plz Vote for MR

  38. Mahinda Rajapaksa has the experience and the vision to govern our country. He proved himself when he fought the brutal terrorists that plagued the country for so long.

    Why gamble with someone who has only 40 days of political experience .
    Mahindata Jaya Wewa

  39. Mahinda can win with many forge votes

  40. "Why Mahinda went for an early election after 4 years"

    Reply: MR knows he is in the wrong track & will never win in 2012.

    Mahinda says He completed 6 years workload withn 4 years.

    What a funny guy fooling the public.

  41. Only middle class and hi class peoples are using the internet, like a farmers or labors they do not have a computer or internet.. So it can be change..

  42. Country has gone out of control !!!!! Do you think what Mahinda's son spending for nil balakaya is fair ???? that is public money !!!!Srilanka is not belongs to Rajapaksha Family !!!! In a war situtation Every body did theair part really good ,,,And wel done the job !!!! It is team work , MR and SF oth heros , But MR is not the only Hero !!!!! Lets face the election !!!!

  43. Mr .President, This is why you should not be Re-Elected. We would like to mention 20 points out of hundreds to prove our statement. We can call these as Planned faults or errors of you and your governance.

    1. Government is moving towards a dictatorship.

    2. Violation of the Constitution by the President.

    3. Contempt and disrespect for decisions of the Supreme Court.

    4. Election laws violated by the President by ‘treating’ thousands.

    5. People living in fear of the white van syndrome and the knock on the door at night. Lawlessness at an unprecedented high level.

    6. Eviction Tamils from lodges and illegal detention of IDPs. Opposition MPs not permitted to visit IDPs. Will any Tamil vote for Rajapaksa?

    7. Corruption rampant from top to bottom. Nothing can be done without bribes or commissions

    8. Inefficiency and lack of transparency resulting in huge losses.

    9. GSP+ lost due to arrogance of government. Thousands lost jobs.

    10. Dissent suppressed. Those not with government branded as traitors.

    11. National media, a national disgrace!

    12. Media personnel abducted, assaulted, murdered. Sirasa and Leader Publications burnt. None arrested. Government stands accused.

    13. Nepotism at disgraceful level. Over 250 close relatives appointed to important positions.

    14. Hambantota getting favoured treatment.

    15. More than 50 pledges in Mahinda Chinthanaya not fulfilled. President has lost all credibility.

    16. Billions spent on maintaining ministers. Despite jumbo cabinet, economy has crashed, education a mess, scandals in health sector and crisis in agriculture.

    17. Cost of living sky high. Reduction of prices and petrol an election gimmick now called ‘Fonseka bonuses.’

    18. A selfish President grabbing all honours and occupying both Temple Trees and President’s House.

    19. Attempt to boost image with cut-outs.

    20. Entire Rajapaksa clan notorious for extravagant living at public expense.

    If the incumbent President is guilty of even the first two points given above, that would be enough to impeach him or vote him out of office.

    from sundayleader

  44. We all Sri Lankans should vote SF to develop our country.

    SF victory!!!!!!!!!!

  45. we should vote for SF considering current sitation of SL. MR is making more thuggs with Marvin and duminda de silva. Remeber Guys, MR didnt destory the LTTE.He just passed the news thru Radio and Tv to attract the of this country and to get more vote for upcoming elections. But SL Army only suffered and sacrified their life.. So we should support them so example SF. Think better and make your decesion right.

  46. The thing wrong with all of us is that we fail to believe and work hard for a better future for Sri Lanka as one "Nation". We only see it as a great country in all it's historic pride. True this was a great country and will be forever, but that is the past not the future.

    Now we have two people to choose from, MR and SF. We know that MR and SF both won the war. If either one was not there it would not have been possible. Political backup as well as military skill and planing are equally vital for such a victory.

    However the war is over, but the peace is yet to be won.

    We know what MR has done good and bad. To my personal opinion i believe that the bad out-weight the good. In that perspective and based on the military training that SF has under-gone and the hope of the correct people being put into the correct ministries, i believe that we have nothing to lose if SF is elected and followed by a favorable parliamentary election.

    Yet again, i believe that MR deserves credit for all the good he has done (no one can disagree, and say he has not done any good becaue he has.) during his 4year term of office.

    Nevertheless we all need to be a part and play are part in this effort to make Sri Lanka a nation in this world.

  47. SF must win . Otherwise SriLanka will be Rajapakse Lanka and there will be NO SLFP . IT will be renamed Rajapksaya (RAJA paksaya)

  48. We never saw MR in uniform fiting the war . MR wants only the credit . MR and his family band wagon has misused , abused and destroyed the economy like NO OTHER PRESIDENT . So lets VOTE for SF and at least have hope than hell with MR.

  49. sf is winner...
    we salute him...
    make reliable change agains currupted politicions...

  50. FACT: MR was the reason why this war was won

    FACT: There is rampant corruption in the current political scenario

    RESULT: We need a change NO MATTER WHICH person comes (back) into power. Lets hope that the welfare of THE PEOPLE is on the agenda this time as it was in the last.