Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Avatar (2009 film) - All of this for unobtanium?

Avatar (2009 film)


Today I watched the movie Avatar. It was a cool movie, could say one of the best movies for year 2009.
According to the movie all of this violence and killing is done for mining Unobtanium. It's a fictional material that is very valuable and has some pretty awesome properties :D


So if Unobtanium is so valuable, Sky people are sure to return back with a massive force :D

Maybe Avatar 2?

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  1. I have waited my whole life to see a good 3D film. When this film came, I knew my time was right.Worthed every penny and it was on iMAX.

  2. Cameron had stated even before the release of Avatar that if it is to be a hit - which it did become quite easily - then there will be two sequels.

    So keep your hopes up!

  3. @Siribiris - :)

    @Sach - That's great :D